Нарушение наших правил
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Violations of our rules

Our service works not so long time, but there have already been cases of violation of the rules.

So, what are we doing? We convert the red betting accounts into the profit through our bets on fixed matches. We draw attention to the last phrase, namely “bets on fixed matches”, which implies serious business by definition, since this information cannot be accessible to a wide range of people, both financially and for the sake of confidentiality. We don’t force anyone to believe in anything, moreover, you have the right to think that our service is incompetent only because you adhere to the following opinion: “There are no match-fixing in the Internet”. And we are not going to prove to you the opposite, because we have more important things, while our website has enough information, which if doesn’t refute, then at least put into question any stereotype:

  1. Our portfolio with 4 videos by bet365..
  2. Example of our work on the blogabet..

Let’s return to the point.

Some of our clients have turned out to be dishonest and violated the rules, namely they have shared match-fixing information with third parties, which is strictly prohibited. In order to avoid such situations, we suspend cooperation with all clients in whom we have doubts.

Moreover, we warn everyone who is going to start cooperation with us for the first and last time: do not even think to violate our rules, deceive us, share with somebody match-fixing information and so on! We have certain tools and methods to identify violations of our rules.

We invite to cooperation only adequate people, who want to win back his money from bookies. And we ask others to don’t waste our time!

Best Regards,
Match-fixing Team

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